2021 Sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors!

On August 29, 2019, there was a lengthy post made on our Facebook page by Jeff Capps, one of our committee members. He along with all the rest of us who are on the committee have been working hard to put together this outstanding show. All of us mutually feel this way and we hope you can take a little time and read below:

"As many know, I'm affiliated with The IQHA Ranch Horse Stallion Futurity & Program. We started this program to put more value into the horses we are raising. We... have huge plans with this program as it evolves from more classes to eventually a horse sale of prospects eligible to show in it.

There's all kinds of Futurities and events. Many for halter and pleasure horses, reiners and cutters. But the average stallion owner of a ranch oriented type of horse either cant afford to make their foals eligible or even afford to enroll their stallions in them because they are mom and pop operations raising their own and breeding a few if any outside mares. And when one looks closely at some of those bigger events, they are not catered to the smaller stallion owners and breeders but are catered to the elite, and the little guy gets pushed out of the way. We are trying to serve all with this Stallion Futurity Program, big breeders and small, and give them all something to shoot for. Make their product worth more by being eligible for something. You want to compete in the event, well then here are the eligible stallions, we are creating another market for all stallions in the program. You want to breed to a stallion whose offspring is eligible, again, here are our eligible stallions.

We also can't put on an event like this without sponsorship. Some take sponsorship lightly, they are given money, and/or products and boom they forget about em.

I mean, just think about it. Sponsorship is a form of advertisement for a Company. Different than print or other media advertising. Everything we use in our daily lives is something that we know about thru some form of advertising. We SUPPORT that product, or COMPANY, because we or an acquaintance have been treated right by it or them. In sponsorship tho', usually that Company or Product is making a larger investment beyond other forms of advertising. They are giving us their profits in monetary or their product to get it out there to more people. I know myself, I have set products I use every day, I believe in em', and I want others to believe in them.

When I go out and try to get sponsorships, it's usually on products I use. It's the reason why I have approached the Company. I believe in their service and/or product and I want others to believe. So when you see us mentioning who our sponsors are. Take a look at em' beyond a glance. If it's a product or service that you think could be useful in your day to day lives. Contact em and tell em where you heard about them at, especially if it's thru sponsorship of our program."

Many of our sponsors have links to there Facebook pages or websites if they have one. Feel free to check out there products or services!

Platinum Sponsors:

Arena Trailer Sales

RS Saddlery

Hired Hand Software

 ShowFresH20 & Advanced Arena

Gold Sponsors:


IQHA District 1

Silver Sponsor:

IQHA District 2 Hawkeye Classic

Quarter Horse News

Brown's Sales & Leasing

Billings Livestock Sale

McCracken Saddles & Tack


Buckle Sponsors:

Thank you to Dale Chavez Saddlery for creating our buckles!

 Spring Valley Ranch- Yearling Ranch Prospect Foundation

Brown's Sales & Leasing- Yearling Conformation

 Runde Auto Group- 2 Year Old Ideal Ranch Horse- Non-Pro

Heartland Buckskin Horse Association- 3 Year Old Ideal Ranch Horse- Non-Pro

Next Generation Buildings LLC- 3 Year Old Ranch Trail- Non-Pro

Levine Farrier Services- 2 Year Old Ideal Ranch Horse- Open

Morris Inn- 2 Year Old Prospect Fundamentals- Non-Pro

Boehringer Ingelheim- 2 Year Old Prospect Fundamentals- Open

Ty Storm & Crew- Riding for the Challenge- 3 Year Old Ideal Ranch Horse- Open

Craig Johnson Horsemanship- 3 Year Old Ranch Riding- Non-Pro

 Luke Jones Performance Horses-3 Year Old Ranch Riding- Open

Burdette & Ellyn Johnson- 3 Year Old Ranch Trail- Open

IQHA District 5- 4 Year Old Ranch Riding- Non- Pro

Don Clark & Cathi Luett- 4 Year Old Ranch Riding- Open

Highview Animal Hospital- 4 Year Old Boxing- Non-Pro

Lindaman Family- In Memory of Gary Lindaman- 4 Year Old Ideal Ranch Horse- Open

IQHA District 4- 4 Year Old Ideal Ranch Horse- Non-Pro

South Fork Custom Fencing LLC- 4 Year Old Working Ranch Horse- Open

Waverly Sales Company- 4 Year Old Working Ranch Trail- Non-Pro

Supreme Graphics- 4 Year Old Working Ranch Trail- Open

Special Thanks to our Other Sponsors: